Pineapple kinda day

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I’ve posted an outfit. The weather was good last Sunday and I finally had time to shoot some photos. The t-shirt I’m wearing has a funny story which I’m going to tell you. Two weeks ago, I was in China with my family for my cousin’s wedding. We were in a small village near Hangzhao where the parents of the bride live. Some of the inhabitants of this city act like they have never seen Western people before. So when we entered a store, they look up, stare at you and  take pictures of you. My family and I didn’t mind because it is actually funny, it’s like you have paparazzi around you all the time haha. Back to the t-shirt story! My nieces and I had a challenge to buy the most foolish t-shirt we’ve ever seen. They came up with strange cartoon shirts and I found this pineapple shirt (which is fashionable in my opinion). Finally  I have a t-shirt with a fruit print! Besides the pineapple one, I also got one with a banana print, which you will see next time. Ciao for now!


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