Everybody has a dream in their life. Some people dream about travelling around the world or skydiving above the mountains. You can dream about it every day but your dreams won’t make themselves come true! I’ve got so many dreams, like dancing in a world tour of Queen B, working for VOGUE or Dior,  surfing in California for a whole summer. Sounds a bit crazy and maybe unrealistic, but I still have got one dream left which I CAN and will realize now.

Everytime when I was visiting Paris with my parents I said to them: ‘One day I will live here for a couple of months, maybe longer when I found my dream job and I will never return to Holland, because I can’t imagine living and working in a better place than Paris’.

After saying that a couple of times, I made a plan: studying my favourite language:  French, from September till December close to the Notre Dame. After a long search, I found a perfect apartment in St. Germain, the 6th arrondissement. St. Germain is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Paris so I am super thrilled and excited to live there! The classes are in the morning, so in the afternoon I have time to take pictures for my blog and show you my favorite spots in Paris. I can’t wait! Talk to you soon xx