Bedtime Story

Hi girls! How are you today? Tonight I’m leaving for Paris with a bunch of girls, so my plans for this weekend are more than perfect! We will be visiting a friend who’s studying the language of love, French.

I’m going to tell you a short story about one of my hobbies, collecting stuff. I love to collect because your room can never be too full. One of my collections is books (fashion, food, interior and design). Here is a selection of some of my special books. When I’m at an exposition or design week, I can’t resist the temptation, I always need to by a book. That’s why I bought ‘Whet my Appetite’ and ‘Haute Couture, Voici Paris!’ Whet my Appetite is a book about branding, I really got interested in branding when I had to do some research for my graduation project, this book really gave me a lot of inspiration. Maybe in the future I would like to do this kind of work because new food concepts are a huge trend, especially if combined under one roof with food, fashion or furniture.

A musthave book that every fashionista should have in her bookcase is ‘Fashionable Selby’ and ‘Fashion’. The Fashionable Selby is such an inspiring book about people all over the world who do something special in fashion. The pictures are gorgeous and every designer who’s in the book made some nice notes or drawings, so it is really personal. The book Fashion is about old fashion campaigns and articles, very funny to see how a brand changes over the years. I fell in love with the bookcover and it’s a real eye catcher in your bookcase. Besides these books, I’ve got many more. I also collect French, Spanish and Italian Vogue’s and the Dutch Elle Style Bible’s. I still have some books on my wish list like the Edible Selby and Taschen’s Paris, New York and London. Maybe for next Christmas!








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