Although Holland is the cycling capital of the world, I prefer transportation by car. As I have my own car, this makes me lazy sometimes but when the sun shines I always go by bike. Of course driving a car in Amsterdam city center is pointless because the canals make the streets very narrow. However in Rotterdam, you can go everywhere by car because the city enter was rebuild after the 2nd world war, so there are parking spots all over the place. So I can’t complain about this fact, Rotterdam I love you! This Saturday I spent my day at my parent’s house in Oostvoorne, which is a small village 40 km Southwest from Rotterdam near the seaside. That is why a beach cruiser is necessary to cycle in style! The bike is from Johnny Loco and it cycles so smooth, you can easily cycle all day. A couple of years ago I won this bike when I bought my first Ray-Ban Wayfarer. I bought this Wayfarer at the time it was a must have because all the celebs wore it and I really really wanted them too, preferably in all colours. After that period it’s still a classical model and I love to wear it weekly.






Sunnies – Ray Ban Wayfarer // Scarf – H&M // Sweater – G-star // Jeans – Tommy Hilfiger // Shoes – Converse