The world is your runway

Hi everyone! Did you all enjoy your weekend? My weekend started really good with a wedding in Rotterdam. The wedding was at the Wereldmuseum, a beautiful location near the river de Maas. The halls looks a bit like the ballroom at chateau Versailles, I could see myself there with my prince charming in a couple of years.

On weddings you can never be overdressed. For these occasions I like to put on one of my most extraordinary dresses on. This time I chose my favourite Zara dress, which normally hangs in my room like a showpiece, together with my silver Supertrash heels. Sometimes you are in a crazy mood and you want to look fabulous wherever you go. One time I went to the IKEA in this fab dress to shop style accessories for an interior shoot from Libelle. You don’t need an excuse to wear extraordinary clothes, remember girls.. the world is your runway ;).



Dress & Clutch – ZARA // Heels – SuperTrash // Earrings; Promod Paris

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Hi guys! Have you also been super busy with your study this month? I certainly was! My graduation project is almost finished, I’m so glad when it is done! This Wednesday, I will present my concept to some teachers at school. Super exciting! I worked so hard for it (and I’m proud of myself), that’s why I’ve been so quiet the last few weeks. Excusez-moi! But.. Now I got more time to do STYLEBYFABIE stuff! So I’m going to post something every hour, just kidding!

This post is about my new Mochila bag. It’s a handmade bag from South-America and every piece is unique! I picked a white  one so it’s easy to combine  with the rest of my colourful wardrobe. The Mochila bags are available in every color combination! I bought my Mochila two weeks ago to reward myself for my coming graduation from Academy Artemis.  I’ve put my Mochila on a good visable spot in my room so I take a good look at the bag and motivate myself even more. At this moment, my graduation project is at the bindery. I’m so curious how my work is going to turn out when it is finished. I’ve made two beautiful books! I will keep you posted!


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Usually I don’t wear the colour red, because I think I can’t combine it with the pieces in my closet. However, when I saw this coat in the Zara in Milan, I instantly fell in love with it. The colour was more like coral red what attracted me. I didn’t doubt a second and ran to the pay desk. 2 minutes later.. I was the happiest customer in Milan for that moment!



Coat; Zara // Jeans; Supertrash // Sunnies; Prada // Sneakers; Nike 3.0 Free

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Bongiorno! When I was visiting Milan, there was a conceptstore on my to-do list.. 10 Corso Como! This conceptstore is a must-see when you’re in Milan. When I walked in, it was like WOW.. The decoration and presentation of this store is so incredible, never seen something like that before. Not even in Paris!

In Corso Como, you can find beautiful clothes, shoes and bags ( for women and man) of different designers in a wonderful setting combined with a bookstore. The way the products in the shop are presented, they all seem like pieces of art. Besides the store, there is a cafe and a small hotel with three rooms. So when you’re in town, make some time to visit this wonderful store!







Corso Como 10, Brera, Milano

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Hello Spring!

Hi everybody! Are you also enjoying the sunny days? Here in holland we certainly do! You can really feel the spring season has arrived and everyone is outside for lunch or a drink. What I like most about spring, is that I can finally wear my colorful clothes and accessories. I think my wardrobe consist 80% of colorful clothes and 20% of dark clothes.

I’m always glad to see the new spring collections in stores like ZARA and H&M, nothing makes me happier. Though, I always wait wisely with my puchases a couple of months, since spring/summer season starts at the end January here in Holland. However, when I see something I can’t resist, I buy it and keep my new purchase in my closet until the weather is perfect for it.

Hello Spring! 1


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