On Sundays, everybody in Paris is going out for a brunch. Almost everything is closed so it is the best activity to fill in your Sunday. I haven’t tried a lot of places yet but in my opinion, one of the best is Claus. You can choose different brunch menu’s and they are all magnifique! I can recommend you all of them. The products are all fresh, home made and super delicious. You also get a fresh juice (mixed fruit, detox or jus d’orange) and a warm drink. On the other side of the street, you will find the ‘epicerie’ of Claus for the to-go products and coffee if you don’t have time for a brunch. Make sure you have a reservation in the weekend!





CLAUS (1)Photography: Fabienne Lindenbergh

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Marché Maubert

There are many food markets in Paris. The one close to my house is Marché Maubert.  Normally you just buy fruit and veggies to prepare a meal, you don’t really pay attention to the structure or the bright colours of it. When you use them for photography, you’ll find out it is really interesting and sometimes even stylish when you use it for a still!


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Le Loup

 Le Loup is a beautiful restaurant in the 1st arrondissement in Paris. It’s nearby the Louvre and Châtelet. The ambiance is very special and the decoration is stylish and cool. Even the lay-out of the menucard is superbe (and the food of course).

LELOUPLe Loup – 44 Rue de Louvre

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Hotspot: Paris New York

Since I’m here in Paris, I want to try every cool hotspot for a nice bite or a cocktail. Living in a big city has got many advantages. There is so much to do in Paris I can’t even choose were I want to go! Yes, that’s what you can call a luxury problem.

Previous week I went to Paris New York in Le Marais with my mom, near the metrostation Arts et Métiers. It’s a cool place were you can eat delicious homemade hamburgers, limonades and milkshakes. The restaurant is decorated in pastel colors with copper details, I LIKE! I found this secret place on my favorite website ‘My Little Paris’. Paris New York is located in Rue Perrée, where you can also find other cool hotspots like Nanashi Food and Café Pinson. Definitely a must see!


Paris New York, 1 rue Perrée, Le Marais

Pictures by Fabienne Lindenbergh

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Place des Vosges

When you’re visiting the neighborhood Le Marais, you have to make a stop at Place des Vosges. It is a beautiful square where you can relax during your walk through the 3th and 4th arrondissement of Paris. Around Place des Vosges, you can find a lot of galeries and café’s to have a café au lait.

IMG_0395-2IMG_0390-2IMG_0393-2Pictures by Fabienne Lindenbergh

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