My first week in Paris

Hi guys! Ca va? It’s only been 1,5 weeks since my move to Paris but it already feels like much longer. Living in a big city is so cool and exciting. Everyday you see new en different things. Before I moved to Paris I visited it 13 times so I already knew a lot of cool spots but I never checked-out  Saint-Germain in the 6th Arrondissement. Also before I never went out to clubs or attended big party’s because most of the time I visited Paris with my parents.

Last weekend I went to a party in the Opera with two friends from Rotterdam who also live in Paris because of their internship. We joined a party in a cool space in an annexe of the Opera. Everybody was dressed fancy, the women in dresses with high heels and guys in suits. Normally when I used to go out in Rotterdam I wear sneakers, so I was scared they wouldn’t let me in to the party because I wore the wrong shoes. But they let me in (lucky me!). When we were inside looking for to cloackroom, a guy asked me of which animal my fur coat was made, I answered: a very sweet one, plastic. I was inside for 5 minutes and I already got a funny question, so I was curious what kind of night it would become!

Ok back to the outfit on the photos. The dress I’m wearing is one of my favorites at this moment. I passed by the dress a couple of times in the Zara and thought, no I shouldn’t buy it, I’ve already got so many dresses. But when I tried it on for the 3rd time I was still in love with it  because of the cute applications and decided to buy it. It is an remarkable dress which you can easily combine with everything, heels, sneakers, flats, sportive or chic!


Dress: Zara, shoes: Nike, Bag: Chanel ‘wallet on a chain’

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Notre Dame

Today I was strolling between the 6th and the 4th arrondissement. The 4th arr. is very close to the 6th, you only have to cross Île de la Cité to go to the north of Paris. When you cross, you should make a stop at the Notre Dame for some beautiful photos (and to feed the pigeons who are always hungry).

IMG_0321-2IMG_0322-2IMG_0426-2IMG_0324-2Pictures by Fabienne

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Paris is ALWAYS a good idea

Bonjour tout le monde! Ca va? As you might have seen on my instagram profile, I’ve been in Paris for three days with my mother and grandmother. Paris is like my second home and I love to go there every year. I visit Paris once or twice a year since I was 15 years old. The city is very attainable from Rotterdam by car or Thalys, that’s why it is not a big consideration!

When I’m in Paris, we shop around and visit a lot of beautiful and special restaurants. I always try to find new hotspots or shops to get some new inspiration for myself. Besides the shops I also visit conceptstores like Merci and Colette, they present clothes and products in such a stylish way and in a special atmosphere. As an stylist, you look with a different eye on presentation of products, food and clothes.

For the fashionista’s, there are a lot of fashion exhibitions in Paris every year. I’ve been to Les Années 50 in Palais Galliera, an exposition about the 50’s fashion in France. Two year ago I visited an exposition of Louis Vuitton in Musée des Arts Decoratifs, which was also very beautiful and interesting to see. They showed the history of LV from the suitcases to the ready to wear collections nowadays.

If you have plans to visit Paris, feel free to contact me for tips and must see’s! I think I can write my own Paris cityguide now.










foto 2






foto 5

foto 1


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