Last week there was a theater festival in Rotterdam named ‘De Parade’. This theater festival is held in June every year. The whole city attended this festival because everybody was happy and excited to go to this special event. The event is full of crazy actors, dancers and musicians with unexpected performances. When I’m at De Parade, I feel like a happy child that is going to a fair full of swinging music, candy machines and other attractions. Like a dream come true, you can find an old-fashioned candy shop at De Parade! They’ve got all your favourite childhood candy and the candy girls are dressed in beautiful costumes.

Besides all the pop-up theatre on De Parade, you can also find a caroussel. This caroussel is not just an ordinairy caroussel, this one is going so fast it makes you dizzy, but it feels super awesome like you are lifted off the world! If you’ve missed the most awesome week of the summer in Rotterdam, don’t worry! De Parade is also visiting The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam coming July and August. Enjoy it!