Bonjour tout le monde! Autumn has arrived in Paris. It is a bit colder than before so I went on a shopping tour with my mom to buy some stylish warm clothes. My style has changed a bit since I live here because everybody is wearing black or any other dark colours in Paris. I always prefer marine blue because it is easy to combine with my other outfits. The coolest thing here is that all the Parisians are dressed up so fancy, even if they go to a grocery store. Normally when I went to a grocery store back in Rotterdam, I was dressed fancy or I was wearing a not-so-fancy jogging suit on a lazy day. I can tell you all one thing, they never wear jogging suits here in Paris, they call it a fashion faux pas. There is a reason why there are so many books about ‘How to dress like a Parisienne’, they really dress stylish anytime on any occasion.


Hat: Urban Outfitters // Coat & sweater: COS // Blouse: Forever21 // Skirt & shoes: Zara