Hi guys! Have you also been super busy with your study this month? I certainly was! My graduation project is almost finished, I’m so glad when it is done! This Wednesday, I will present my concept to some teachers at school. Super exciting! I worked so hard for it (and I’m proud of myself), that’s why I’ve been so quiet the last few weeks. Excusez-moi! But.. Now I got more time to do STYLEBYFABIE stuff! So I’m going to post something every hour, just kidding!

This post is about my new Mochila bag. It’s a handmade bag from South-America and every piece is unique! I picked a white  one so it’s easy to combine  with the rest of my colourful wardrobe. The Mochila bags are available in every color combination! I bought my Mochila two weeks ago to reward myself for my coming graduation from Academy Artemis.  I’ve put my Mochila on a good visable spot in my room so I take a good look at the bag and motivate myself even more. At this moment, my graduation project is at the bindery. I’m so curious how my work is going to turn out when it is finished. I’ve made two beautiful books! I will keep you posted!