Last few days it was so rainy in Paris, but this weekend will be sunny (so they say). I told a french waiter that I had the feeling I was in Holland, because the Dutch people are used to a lot of wind and rain. What Parisian people surprises the most, is that Dutchies always ride their bikes, even when it’s raining haha!  It is our main form of transport. I took some photos last week before the sky turned into one big grey cloud. I can’t wait to enjoy spring and relax in Jardin du Luxembourg with some french (study)books and magazines. I’m lucky it is so close to my place, just a few minutes away!


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One thing I really like about Paris is the architecture, I can’t stop taking pictures of buildings. Every street corner has something special and romantic. I always wonder how people have decorated those big apartments. Nearly all apartment buildings are decorated with carefully styled ornaments and have beautiful wrought iron balconies which give this special look which is so typical for Paris.

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Casual spring look

Hi everyone! Spring has started and I can’t wait to wear different clothes in stead of all those long warm wollen coats. I took some photos last week at Place Saint-Sulpice for a ‘Look of the day‘ for Amayzine.com. I’ve put on my leather jacket (which has been waiting in the closet for too long closet) with my cosy Levi’s jeans and sneakers. I made this t-shirt myself, which was easy and fun to make! I bought the letters at Marché Saint Pierre in the 18th arr. A funny fact I’ve discovered there, is that many parisian women wear their cross bags under their jackets/coats. It’s not only safer, it is in my opinion also more stylish to wear!




T-shirt; own design / leather jacket; Serge Pariente @ Allison / jeans; Levi’s wedgie fit / sneakers; Nike

Photography: Joy Sinclair Tengker

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One of the places I recently discovered in the 6th was Huguette at Rue de Seine. This ‘bistro de la mer’ is always full of people who are enjoying a nice plate of oysters, fish & chips, mussels with fries or a good pasta vongole. They have got a extensive choice of wine too! You can also get wine and oysters ‘to go’ if you want, but having dinner there is a treat! In the afternoon their terrace is in the sun and it feels like you’re at the Côte d’Azur for a couple of hours. I photographed the decoration of Huguette, because I like the clean style with a mix of a couple of old things like the menu plates and their white tiles. The architect did a really good job! A tout suite!











HUG-12Photography: Fabienne Lindenbergh


81 Rue de Seine // Metro: Odéon

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Bonjour mes chéries! Here’s a little story about  a couple of must-see's and just some nice pictures to share with you. Believe me, when you are visiting Paris there is so much more to see than only the Avenue Champs-Élysees and Ladurée. Paris is so big and even I still discover new places!  Here some photos from my Instagram with a little explanation. Bisous!

Bonjour mes chéries! Here’s a little story about  a couple of must-see’s and just some nice pictures to share with you. Believe me, when you are visiting Paris there is so much more to see than only the Avenue Champs-Élysees and Ladurée. Paris is so big and even I still discover new places!  Here some photos from my Instagram with a little explanation. Bisous!

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At the ready-to-wear show last September, I’d waited outside to see everybody walking out after the Dior show. It was so cool to see everybody in real life! This year I decided to go again. This time I was at another exit  where I saw a couple of models walk out after the show. Some of them are making a real moment of fame of it, they pose really cool and take snapchats with all the street style photographers which is quite funny. I shot some pictures too and after that I went to the main exit. When a big star walks out, there are maybe 50 photographers running to them to take a good shot. In my opinion it is funnier to look from a distance to see all the madness!







Pictures by Fabienne Lindenbergh

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Paris Fashion Week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s not christmas, this time it’s fashion week in Paris! Tomorrow all the madness begins: models, street style photographers, celebrities, editors, journalists and bloggers who are all running from show to show. Every half an hour or hour another show starts and most of the time it runs out. It is so cool to see all those people in real life with the most stylish and beautiful outfits, I always get inspired by it. I’ve followed the last shows from Milan, London and NY and the street style pics of Phil Oh on vogue.com.

I’m a very lucky girl, I will attend a couple of shows this week with a Dutch friend of mine. Last fashion week I went to the presentation of A.F. Vandevorst, which was also really cool to see. I will keep you posted about it on Instagram! Bisous!

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Sunday stroll

On Sunday, almost everything is closed in Paris. One of the things I like to do on this day is going to a bakery and getting some good croissants, sweets and bread. My favorite bakery is not so close to my home anymore because my new apartment is in the 5th arrondissement, which means I have to walk another route than before. Today I made some photos on my way to the bakery which I want to share with you. I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!








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